Rose Ray Grid Charger Of Supreme Love Protection/ Instant Download

The Rose Ray Grid Activator can charge, activate and raise the energetic code vibration of food, water, objects and situations. You can also place objects on grid for Rose Ray protection.

Was created when Mother Mary of Sedona came and brought the Rose Ray of the Higher heart supreme Divine Love in the Violet Flame. 

I have them always and place my food on before i eat and whatever i am drinking. Shekina Rose 

The Rose Ray carries the Divine love of Creation through the Mother's Heart and acts as protection from lower, dark energies, while raising vibrational frequency. It works at a deep cellular level of healing of Divine love that will amplify all of your spiritual gifts and sacred work. It will transmute lingering damaged genetics, attuning you to the Christ template. 44.

The heart of the Mother of Creation is appearing on the planet through the Rose Ray and being anchored through Mother Mary and Shekinah. It is through the sacred heart of Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit of Shekinah that the Rose Ray along with the Blue Ray is assisting in restoring the God essence to fully manifest into form for humanity. This enables the Mother of the World's heart to return to transform human suffering, resurrecting the Christ body and the Divine Original Blueprint.

Ave Maria Rose Ray Language of Light Transmissions ~ 528 Hz Love & Miracles Song of the Mother

Mother Mary of Sedona AZ Rose Ray Appearances AVE Maria Light/Language Song 528Hz   ~

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