Blue Ray Star Resonator

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The ultra-sensitive Blue Rays and Starseed forerunners of the New Earth" Activated at Full moon in Sedona Crystal City of Lights Vortex AZ

"I can tell You this it works put it in your room and see!"
Shekina Rose

This Star Resonator is inspirited by the Stellar Angelic Beings that came to *Shekina Rose through an amazing portal of light.

Shekina's Experience: I have recently been having real challenges staying here in the body on this planet, getting very hypoglycemic, the worst I have ever experienced in my life. I almost fainted a few times, completely losing my energy, sleeping for days and feeling so light in my body that I felt I could easily pass over to the other side.

Twice the Stellar Angelic Beings came. The second time they communicated to me though sensory empathy and showed me visions that I was not getting the needed essence of my cosmic origins. I was shown that it was a necessary "nutrient" I required for my New Earth crystalline body and not getting it was creating a greater challenge to being here physically on the earth. This Blue Ray Star Resonator has assisted in stabilizing my frequency as I continue to raise my vibration and go through these Earth shifts.

You will receive an 8 1/2 by 11 Blue Star Resonator lamented and infused by the vortexes of Sedona AZ, with information how to activate and use

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