Sedona Moonstone White light Heart of Sedona Crystal
  Christos Sophia Transmission  Return of the Bird Tribe Transmission
Rose Ray Grid Charger Of Supreme Love Protection/ Instant Download
Blue Ray Star Resonator
Rose Ray Mother Mary Activator 333 instant download
Sedona Crystal City {Light Language Transmission
Ave Maria Rose Ray  Language of Light Transmissions ~ 528 Hz Love & Miracles
New Year Soul Readings and Current Life Situation Moving Forward {phone Session}
Language of light healing codes Sound Transmissions  528 Hz Transformation, Love DNA Repair
Archangels Protection, Clearing & Love Attunement Chamber  528 Hz Love, Miracle & DNA Repair Ancient
Soul Reading with Miracle 528 Hz Love Frequency DNA Repair
Rose Ray Annointing ~ Shekinah Dispensation on the phone session
Archangels Chamber Attunement Grid {phone session}
Language of Light DNA Core Ascension Activation on the phone session
 DNA Upgrade Template  Clearing Master Codes DNA Cellular Healing Activation Session over the phone
Goddess Transformations  Shekina's Goddess Attunement
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Your star origins and gifts ~Soul Star Alignment Galactic Origins DNA Human Codes Activation
Blue Ray Core Essence Reconnection For Star Seeds and Light Bearers
Love is the Power of the Universe
Pineal Gland 3rd Eye Stargate Activation and Galactic Healer