Sony BDP CX960 Multi Disc Blu Ray Player original Service Manual & Repair Instructions

Original and complete Sony BDP CX960 service manual, troubleshooting and repair tutorial. 

Fully illustrated with all technical information in order to service, repair and/or troubleshoot this great device!

This is the original serivce manual as used by all certified Sony technicians, maintenance employees and repair shops. 

This particular repair manual provivdes you with in-depth information about:

Product Operations, Specifications
Electrical & Mechanical Adjustments
Disassembly & Reassembly
Troubleshooting Methods
Test Modes
Block Diagram
Printed Wiring Boards
Schematic Diagrams
Exploded View
Parts List Catalog

You can download this service manual instantly! So you can start your repairs within a matter of seconds!

Language: English
Format: PDF, ZIP
Pages: 112