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"Discover The Step-By-Step Product Launch System Guiding You From Start To Finish So You Can Profit Massively!"

You'll Find Out The Steps, Tools And Execution Plan To Follow For a Successful Product Launch

A product launch is the most powerful way to build a lot of excitement and anticipation for a product, as well as to guarantee a huge explosion of sales where otherwise you might have seen a slow trickle at best. 

When launching a product, you are creating a buzz and a build-up around your item and that will not only ensure that you gain maximum conversions when you first release your ebook, course or physical product; it will also help you to keep generating more and more income over time. 

It will help you to recruit affiliates, create fans and strengthen your brand. With a strong start, you can create momentum for your product that ensures it continues to grow as word of mouth spreads and the news travels. Your product launch will become an unstoppable force...

What you'll discover in this Course:
  • How to build anticipation for any product
  • How to create a stunning digital product that you know will sell
  • How to use press releases to gain coverage
  • How to get an army of affiliates behind your launch to gain even more exposure
  • How to question your audience to guarantee the success of your product
  • Why many digital products fail and how to avoid their mistakes
  • How to save time and effort to create an effective launch quickly
  • How to use powerful tools to drive even more sales
  • How to run a beta test to build hype and gain crucial feedback
  • ...and much, much more!
Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT, Over-The-Shoulder, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials!

Creating a digital product is by far one of the best ways to make money from a website, a blog – or any brand at all for that matter. When you create a digital product, you are creating something that you can sell infinite time and with zero overheads. 

This is in contrast to selling physical products which come with COGS – Cost Of Goods Sold. COGS means the amount of money that you pay out each time you make a new sale and that normally includes things like the materials you use to create the product, the fulfillment, the packaging and the logistics of storage.

A digital product on the other hand comes with zero COGS because there are no materials and it can be delivered by email or downloaded. That means that each sale will net you 100% profit, which in turn means you can sell at a lower price and take home a bigger cut. 

It also means you can do all kinds of other things to increase sales – introducing special offers for instance or sharing your revenue with affiliates. Either way, a digital product is incredibly versatile and it’s not for no reason that it attracts so many digital marketers.
  • Video 01: 3 Platforms You Can Use to Sell Your Product
  • Video 02: 5 Reasons Why You Should Launch a Product
  • Video 03: 5 Types of Promotional Materials You Should Create for Your Affiliates
  • Video 04: 10 Product Launch Tips That Will Help You Boost Sales
  • Video 05: How to Get Affiliates to Promote Your Launch
  • Video 06: How to Guarantee Your Product Launch Will be a Massive Success
  • Video 07: How To Warm Up And Excite Your Audience About Your Product Launch
  • Video 08: Top 5 Tools for Your Sales Page
  • Video 09: Why Your Product Launch Needs a Pre-Launch and Post Launch
  • Video 10: How to Use Social Media to Spread the Word About Your Launch