The Bigfoot Field Journal Volume II - Updated

As one of America's leading Bigfoot researchers, Scott Carpenter has been featured on Animal Planet’s hit show “Finding Bigfoot” and Les Stroud’s hit show “Survivorman – Bigfoot” airing on the Discovery and the Science Channel. The Bigfoot Field Journal Volume II is a continuation of the first volume, chronicling Scott’s research and encounters over the past five years with clear, high-definition pictures of the elusive Bigfoot. “There are many people that call themselves a "Bigfoot Researcher," few actually earned the title. In the dozens of "researchers" I've met, the most competent, most innovative and the most persistent would be Scott Carpenter. Scott is one of the nicest and most credible individuals I have met in this research arena. Trust that Scott is presenting quality research that few have ever had the privilege of viewing. NABS is very lucky to have him on our team.” David Paulides – David is regular guest on the Cost to Coast radio show with host George Knapp, and author of “The Hoopa Project”, “Tribal Bigfoot” and the very popular “Missing 411” series of books. “This dude is no amateur (Bigfoot researcher)…..Scott is the real deal” James “BoBo” Fay – costar “Finding Bigfoot”