Behavioral Health Segment Report

Ready-to-use spreadhseet with Scope Research's behavioral health transaction data (since 2010). Transactions are segmented by type, which includes a variety of inpatient facilities and outpatient services.
  • 73 Transactions
  • 50 Transactions with EBITDA Multiples
  • Last Updated 4/7/2020
Each transaction includes price to revenue and/or EBITDA multiples. We provide the names of the parties, type of business acquired, transaction or announcement date, state, ownership percentage purchased, price, time period of the income statements used, revenue and/or EBITDA, and a description of our sources.

Each transaction is meticulously researched and sourced. We maintain a database of links to our sources, which include:
  • Fairness opinions
  • SEC filings
  • Press releases
  • Bond market research
  • Medicare cost reports
  • CON filings (FOIA)
  • Form 990s
  • Public audits
  • AG reports
  • Insurance department filings