The 10 Unbreakable Rules of Time Management: 2019 Digital Edition

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We all Strive to better manage our lives, and for Samer Chidiac, Managing your life is all about Managing your time in it. The 10 Unbreakable Rules of Time Management is a simple approach to learn all the core concepts and best practices of probably what would be the most important skill you can master in your entire life. The 10 Rules are interesting to read and easy to understand and can instantly impact your life.

The Ten Unbreakable Rules of Time Management is unique in the sense that unlike some other time-management manuals that may bombard you with theories, impracticalities, and strategies inapplicable to your lifestyle, it is a very practical guide with immediate benefits. This manual helps you develop a practical sense of time and hones your decision-making skills in order not to waste it. You will realize that you have more time on your hands than you think, once you get organized. It may be easier than you