Balanced Circles: The Philosophy of Reinventing Yourself (Digital Edition)

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BALANCED CIRCLES is a philosophy that allows you to reinvent yourself,
and this book is how this philosophy came to life, a learning experience that spans across your private life, your personal and your professional life using tips, stories & knowledge. For as long as we have lived, we have always struggled to understand life and how to live it; every day seems to bring a new challenge, every challenge brings a new change and every change moves us away from where we thought we were heading to where we are going. This book is a simple read that touches every one of us; I had written it in parts (for more than three full years) to guide me when my life was fully broken and where every chapter & every thought made a difference in building my life brick-by-brick till the moment I managed to re-invent my self again... To Live again after I thought I was Dead, I had to save myself before it was too late.