PACK_199 WHS Builders Pack - Premium Pack
MANL_234 WHS Manual - Real Estate
PACK_233 WHS Real Estate Pack - 3 SWMS
SWMS_139 - Roofing - Residential
SWMS_138 - Roofing - Commercial
SWMS_088 - Industrial Shed Building
SWMS_167 - Trenching and Excavation
PACK_231 Dummy Pack - Do Not Purchase
P231_S232 - Dummy Pack - Do Not Purchase
SWMS_232 - Dummy SWMS - Do Not Purchase
PLAN_230 WHS Management Plan - Under $250 000
PLAN_229 WHS Management Plan - Sub-contractor & Minor Works
PLAN_226 WHS Management Plan - Commercial over $250,000
PLAN_227 WHS Management Plan - Residential over $250,000
PLAN_228 WHS Management Plan - Landscaping
PACK_225 WHS Builders Pack - Residential under $250 000
PACK_224 WHS Builders Pack - Commercial under $250 000
PACK_196 WHS Builders Pack - Residential over $250 000
PACK_197 WHS Builders Pack - Commercial over $250 000
CHK_223 - Checklist - Food Outlet
SWMS_032 Commercial Shop-fitting
SWMS_019 Cabinetry and Joinery
SWMS_133 Residential Building - Maintenance
P198_S057 WHS Subby Pack with Electrical SWMS
SWMS_057 Electrical Installation, Repair and Maintenance
P198_S074 WHS Subby Pack with Plastering SWMS
P198_S038 WHS Subby Pack with Concreting SWMS
P198_S119 WHS Subby Pack with Painting SWMS
P198_S126 WHS Subby Pack with Plumbing SWMS
SWMS_126 Plumbing
P198_S020 WHS Subby Pack with Carpentry SWMS
P198_S016 WHS Subby Pack with Bricklaying SWMS
PACK_215 WHS Real Estate Pack
PACK_202 WHS Landscaping Pack
SWMS_137 Residential Home - Renovation
000 Unassigned
SWMS_096 Landscaping
PACK_213 WHS Food Outlet Pack
PACK_214 WHS Office Workplace Pack
PACK_206 WHS Mobile Workplace Pack
PACK_205 WHS Retail Outlet Pack
PACK_204 WHS Trade Workshop Pack
PACK_203 WHS Mechanics Pack
PACK_201 WHS Gardening Services Pack
PACK_200 WHS Manufacturing Pack
PACK_198 WHS Builders Pack - Sub-Contractor
PACK_207 WHS Registers Pack
CHK_106 Checklist - Vehicle Prestart
CHK_113 Checklist - Workplace Induction
CHK_115 Checklist - Construction Site Induction
CHK_078 Checklist - Hazardous Manual Tasks
CHK_060 Checklist - Ergonomics
CHK_125 Checklist - Plant Prestart
CHK_070 Checklist - Forklift Prestart


Safe-R Outcomes provides low cost & easy to implement safety management solutions for Australian businesses in construction, manufacturing & other industries.


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