Kick Star Vol 1

Kick Star Vol 1 comes with 50 Different Kicks that along with its processed versions of each sample they all sum up to 250 WAV Kick Samples in total! 

Every song's drive and soul is the low end meaning that the kick is one of each productions key elements and Kick Star 1 will make choosing the right Kick easier. This pack contains 50 carefully crafted and picked Kicks that cover a huge number of genres, from pure house to pop and beyond. Not only that put we have taken those 50 Kicks and given them different textures through processing covering an even bigger range of taste and need. Some we've compressed some we shorten their tails and boosted their transients and for some we simply went nuts for some out of the ordinary results. Either way this product will provide that essential kick you need to build your track around.

Pack Info:

• 250 WAV KICK Shots Total
• 50 Original KICK Shots
• 50 Processed 
• 50 Short
• 50 Squeezed
• 50 Distorded
• 12.9 MB Zipped/24.7 MB Unzipped
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz WAV
• 100% Royalty-Free