Site Update March 1, 2020

Dear fellow creators,

New Update:

From March 1, 2020, some small things will change.

1. From the moment I started this site I have always used my standard prices. However, I am currently forced to increase my prices after a few years. This will be between 1 or 2 dollars per product.

2. As you know, I occasionally sell Limited Products. The thing that is going to change here is that prices will also go up a bit. Secondly, these products will not be in my own Shop for 1 Month. After this I open them to the general public.

3. I am adding a new Name on Sellfy. It is from my alt account '' Setara Bridals ''. I want to indicate that I am also going to sell regular wedding dresses and Limited Wedding Dresses here. The Limited Wedding Dresses are going to cost more, because they are always made for a special occasion.

4. To Those who bought all the items before the change. Here is what you can do:
Send me an email with:

Your Avatarname

Emailadres you bought the files with

I will send you the files trough email back.

Having said all this, I hope you continue to choose to shop at RomyChanel.
My ultimate goal is and remains that I continue to make quality products for a low price.

With love,