[Pack 2 EXECUTIVE] Rodriguez Reel Transition Presets for After Effects // THOUSANDS of possibilities

Rodriguez Reel Transitions EXECUTIVE

What's up guys, I'm stoked to announce the most recent transition pack from Rodriguez Reel! If you are looking for ways to improve your workflow, then this is the package for you. With over 6GB of original footage, project files that include time remapping, color correction, stabilizatoin, and transitions, you can get a good idea of how to structure your own projects to increase your workflow efficieny.

STANDARD Pack: https://sellfy.com/p/qej4/
BONUS Pack: https://sellfy.com/p/dSE4/

Intended to run on Adobe After Effects 2017 CC, and all versions of Adobe After Effects 2015 CC.

MAKE SURE your After Effects is running the latest version of Adobe CC

If you come up with an awesome transition, use the #RodriguezReelTransitions and tag @Rodriguez.Reel in your video for a chance to be featured on my Instagram page!

Here's the TUTORIAL on how to install and use the presets (Mac):

After seeing the basic slide and zoom transitions out there by BakerTuts that Sam Kolder and Matt Komo made famous, I realized it was time to give the beginner to intermediate videographer a more powerful creative tool to design transitions with. This preset includes over 10 unique transition that you can mix, match, and reorder to create THOUSANDS of new looks. I've put over a week straight of coding, debugging, and adjusting to bring you these transitions. Enjoy!

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- make sure that when you go to do your final render, that you have set the playback quality to "full" and not "third" or "quarter".
- if you see a thin black border around your effect, precompose the video clip, double click on that precomposition, and then scale it up to 101%. Now return to your original comp and the problem will be fixed

No refunds on purchase