Rocket Rooster Slog Base LUTs

The Rocket Rooster custom base LUTs offers you better colour and control over Sony Slog 2 and 3 footage. These LUTs are designed to give you a custom Log conversion (from Slog2/3 to Rocket Rooster Custom Log) without any loss of dynamic range, much better skin tones and greater colour separation.
With these LUTs you can be rid of those pesky "Sony Colours"!

Below are comparisons of the custom Rocket Rooster LUT to the standard Sony Slog LUTs.

What's in the pack
In the pack, you will find two Slog 2/3 to Rocket Rooster custom log LUTs and one Rocket Rooster custom to Rec709 LUT. In version one, the LUTs are optimized for Rec709 but will be updated to support other colour spaces in the future.

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Works in:
Premiere Pro
FCPx *Version 10.4 or with plugin for older version
DaVinci Resolve
After Effects
HitFilm 4
And More