Psycho-Command Power

An Amazing Technique That Can Change Your Entire
Life In A Matter Of Days! 


"Psycho-Command can change your life instantly - from the very moment you let it work for you," says the author!

Regardless of your age, circumstances, or personal problems, this tested method can start helping you now - easily and automatically - to enjoy a richer, fuller, happier life.

Its purpose is to bring you more of every good thing - money, love, power, friends, new wisdom, and freedom from pain of inner emotional turmoil!


There Is A Way...
As you sit reading this now, wondering how you are ever going to realize those dreams you have, how you are ever going to lay your hands on the money you need, how you are ever going to avoid the misfortune that you have reason to believe is in store for you (or do this for a friend of relative) - there is a way...

It is called Psycho-Command Power - which means, literally, Mind Command - a method that can release a human power more startling, more effective than anything you have ever seen before.

Once your desires are set into motion with Psycho-Command, the plan works effortlessly, automatically to uplift your entire life, says the author.   To carry you to undreamed of heights, where failure and misfortune are unknown!


It Is Easy! 
And all the while you can relax and enjoy living, confident in the knowledge that this "Speed-O-Matic Desire Bringer" is functioning automatically to make the things you desire appear in your life.With Psycho-Command you can do anything, says the author.   You can use it to...


Gain secret knowledge of others

Make others do your bidding - silently, by unobserved means

Gain money and new prosperity

Win protection from harmful influences

Keep yourself forever young

Experience a "psychic" rejuvenation

Break through social barriers

Gain new friends

Rekindle your mate's interest

Win the future of your choice
The wonderful new life you will find in this book has already been discovered by countless others.   A lifetime of study and research has gone into this Success Plan.

The result is a thrilling system that really works!


"The Miracle Of Psycho-Command Power" Will Also Show You:

Make the man or woman of your dreams suddenly appear before you - begging to please you!

Secrets of Hypnotic Command - how to make someone "drunk" - from drinking water

Make any man or woman instantly do your bidding - without uttering a sound or lifting a finger!

Raise your mental powers and your I.Q. from that of an ordinary person to that of a genius in seconds!

How to turn someone's laughter into power

Silent Commands - this technique brought a man $500 from a stranger within minutes

Open a Psychic Window more powerful than any crystal ball

Command others from a distance of over 1000 miles

How to make others "Love Slaves" to your Magnetic "Love Pull"

Why the seemingly impossible is possible

See beyond doors - see and hear what others are really doing!

Dissolve all kinds of evil - schemes of others, the cruelty of a neighbor, or spouse!

An Automatic "Fortune Maker!"
Here is an automatic Master Plan that can put you on the road to a NEW LIFE...

...filled to the brim with love, friendship, pleasure, wealth, and all the wonderful luxuries of the world - starting today!

At this very moment, things are starting to turn for the better.

Soon, life's golden blessings will start to flow into your hands... secret heartaches are dissolving... and a thrilling new future is starting to take shape all around you.

This book is one you will cherish all the days of your life, and read again and again as a never-failing source of inspiration and help.