Psychic Advantage

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This book will show you how to use a powerful force called psychic advantage to greatly increase your position in all your dealings with others.

What is psychic advantage?

Above all, it is a dynamic mental force — a state of mind - possessed by those who always seem to be in complete control.

It is this dynamic mental force, coupled with proven tactics and techniques discussed in this book, that will give you tremendous new leverage in dealing with people and situations.

Perhaps you, like me, have been confused by the "patterns of success" you see in everyday life.   People no smarter than you are getting promotions.   People no more talented than you are making bigger names.   People no more dedicated than you are making far more money.   Why?

The Nature Of True Power
After years of observation and analysis, the answer has come into full focus.   These people have somehow learned to gain the mental upper hand — psychic advantage if you will — in their daily relations with others.

The beauty of it is, psychic advantage is a state of mind that can be acquired by anyone who will take the time and effort to master the simple but proven techniques discussed in this book.

To begin with, those who have psychic advantage know and understand the nature of true power.   They realize intuitively how to use power to gain leverage when dealing with others, below or above them in station.

Once you understand the nature of true power, you’ll be able to use the latent powers that have existed within you for years. You’ll exude a mystique of power that will help you gain a clear psychic advantage over others.   You'll also learn how to cope with power when you’re the underdog, as we all are at one time or another.


A Universal Truth 
Psychic advantage is based on a universal truth: In virtually every relationship between two people, one usually assumes superiority, however slight, for one reason or another.   Only rarely will both parties to a transaction consider themselves really equal.The reasons people use to assume superiority constitute the rationale, or basis, of psychic advantage. Appearance, dress, personality, position, age, power — these and a host of other conditions are used as a basis for assuming leverage over another person.   You can improve your ability to gain psychic advantage by better understanding and exploiting these conditions.

Some people, naturally, come by psychic advantage more easily.   Still, experience shows that almost anyone who is willing to work at it can acquire a relatively high degree of psychic advantage.


Develop The Mystique Of Power
Knowledge is power.

Sure, you’ve heard the expression a million times before.   But are you using this basic truth to full advantage?   If not, you're missing out on one sure-fire way of gaining psychic advantage.

People in "power professions" — notably doctors, lawyers, top accountants and other executives — routinely hold psychic advantage in their relations with others.

Now you can hold the same power as them, as you discover:


The three steps to Psychic Advantage - it's easier than you think
Gain psychic advantage through the mystique of appearance
Find out what people will submit to you and you can establish your psychic advantage base
Reframe opposition as interest
Key techniques for controlling the conversation
The "4-P Approach" - gain the upper hand no matter how desperate the interaction appears
How to act with supreme confidence
Play "games" that give you Psychic Advantage
Discover lowballing, highballing, and other tested tactics
Dominate discussions and win arguments
Lead others to your way of thinking
How to dramatize key points and thoughts
Minimize irrational behavior - on your part and others
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