Starters for A-Level Sociology

This bundle contains 20 starter activities for A-level sociology lessons. There are five starter activities for ‘introducing sociology’, three for education, two for methods, five for families and five for crime and deviance.

The activities are quite varied, and include a mixture of the following:

-          Drawing concepts

-          A Walk-about and finding out from other students’ activity

-          Brainstorming reasons why/ differences between.

-          A Making the links dice game

-          ‘What do you think’ personal Socrative intro questions.

-          One musical intro

-          Key terms recaps

-          Applying perspectives starters.

-          Classic data response

-          Classic ‘quick recap tests’

I’ve used all of these activities in my own teaching, they are tried and tested and work well with classes of 10-20 or more students.

Over page is an index of all the activities and (in brackets) when in the specification you can employ them.

Most of these activities are paper based, and where this is the case, I’ve included a copy of the ‘worksheet’ here, as well as individual files in a separate folder, clearly labelled.

Some of the activities require a PPT so I’ve included the relevant slides on a separate PPT.

The worksheets are in MS Word so you can modify them! 

I hope you find these resources useful, and happy teaching,

Karl, August 2020.