A-Level Sociology Teaching Resource Bundle: 10 Introduction to Sociology Lessons

This teaching resource pack contains everything teachers need to deliver 10 hour long ‘introduction to sociology’ lessons.

Included in the bundle is a clearly structured 50 page gapped student work-pack, six PowerPoints* to structure the 10 lessons, 10 detailed lesson plans outlining a range of learning activities you can use with students, a massive list of relevant contemporary resources with links, and numerous lesson activities including introductions, plenaries and links to some Socrative quizzes.

These resources contain all the core sociology knowledge students need for a through introduction sociology, illustrated with numerous up to date contemporary case studies and statistics.

The resources have been designed for A-level sociology and cover the core themes on the AQA’s specification but are suitable for new 16-19 students studying any specification.

NB these resources focus on the content only, they are designed to get students interested in the subject, so there is no material on exams or formal assessment. If you’re interested in assessment please see my you might like my various ‘revision bundles’, assessment details are contained within the relevant documents in each of these.

An overview of the ten introductory lessons:

1.    An introduction to sociology: thinking sociologically
2.    Nature and nurture approaches to understanding human behaviour
3.    stratification and social class
4.    Lesson Four – sex and gender
5.    Lesson Five – Race and ethnicity
6.    Lesson Six – Functionalism
7.    Lesson Seven – Marxism
8.    Lesson Eight – Feminism
9.    Lesson Nine – Social Action Theory
10. Lesson Ten – Modernity and Postmodernity

Please see the scheme of work, the main work pack and the PowerPoints for more specific detail of what’s covered

Resources in the bundle include:

  • A 50-page introductory gapped workbook which you can print out and use with your students.
  • 10 detailed lesson plans including aims and objectives, suggested (and timed) teaching activities, assessment and extension work.
  • Six PowerPoints which structure the lessons. NB all the lessons consist of a variety of activities, but some input is necessary in the first few weeks of teaching! PPts are also useful as they can structure student-led tasks.
  • A range of supplementary resources including Introductory short answer tests, starter activities and plenaries and an icebreaker.
  • Links to my Socrative quizzes
  • Access to my online database of useful teaching resources.
How the teaching bundles ‘work’

The 50-page gapped student work booklet has been designed as the main ‘resource’ which may be printed off as a booklet and given to students to structure the ten lessons.

Each lesson typically consists of 3-6 pages of notes to be read, which are supplemented by a PowerPoint to be delivered by the teacher (so some subject knowledge is required on the part of the teacher!) and reinforced by a range of individual, pair and group work tasks to get students thinking more deeply about sociological issues.

Each lesson has a clear introduction and plenary, and there is a variety of student centred tasks throughout the ten lessons including plenty of contemporary videos, opportunities to research case studies and statistics online, producing posters on Feminist theories and postmodernism, various Socrative quizzes, sentence sorts and plenty of time for discussion.  

The timings force a prompt pace of delivery, and if anything, you will be struggling to get all of the content into one lesson. If this is the case you can either set some of the content for homework, or simply spread this over 12 hours rather than 10.

It is anticipated that the bundles will be especially useful for new teachers of A-level sociology, but more experienced teachers should find some useful updates in here too!

Fully modifiable

Every teacher likes to make resources their own by adding some things in and cutting other things out – and you can do this with both the work pack and the PowerPoints because I’m selling them in Word and PPT, rather than as PDFs, so you can modify them!

Regular resource updates for a £10 a month subscription throughout 2020 and 2021

If you like this sort of thing, then you can subscribe to my regular teaching resource updates in which I’ll be providing a minimum of 10 new lessons every month, all fully resourced like the ones in this bundle. Update schedule as below:
  • December 2019 (starting early!) 10 crime and deviance lessons
  • January 2020: 10 ‘social theories’ lessons (the ‘theory’ bit of theory and methods)
  • February 2020: 10 revision lessons for SCLY1: education with theory and methods
  • March 2020: 10 revision lessons for SCLY2: families and households and beliefs
  • April 2020: 10 revision lessons for SCLY3: crime and deviance
  • May 2020: 10 summer lessons: deeper dives! 
  • June 2020: 10 global development lessons
  • July 2020: updates to the 10 intro lessons in this bundle, and some new activities
  • August 2020: 10 education lessons
  • September 202: 10 beliefs in society lessons
  • October 2020: 10 research methods lessons
  • November 2020: 10 families and households lessons
  • December 202: another 10 crime and deviance lessons.
I’ve set the publication schedule to be just ahead of when most teachers teach the corresponding topics and thrown in something a bit different over summer.  

I’ll publish the 2021 new resource/ update schedule in October 2020.