A-level sociology revision mega bundle £19.99

Revision notes, mind maps and exam practice questions for the entire A-level sociology syllabus.

This mega bundle consists of six folders containing my entire series of revision bundles:

  1. The education bundle – 34 pages of revision notes, 9 mind maps and 14 exam practice questions
  2. The family bundle – 34 pages of revision notes, 8 mind maps and 12 exam practice questions
  3. The theory and methods bundle – 74 pages of revision notes, 15 mind maps, 15 exam practice questions, how to answer methods in context questions, and research methods key terms.
  4. The beliefs bundle – 52 pages of revision notes, 8 mind maps, 9 practice exam questions
  5. Crime and Deviance - 32 pages of revision notes, 6 mind maps and 12 practice exam questions
  6. The media bundle - 54 pages of revision notes, 10 mind maps and 9 practice exam questions. 

In total there are over 200 pages of revision notes, 50 mind maps and 60 exam practice questions covering the entire first and second years of the A-level sociology specification (AQA focus).

Separately these bundles retail at more than £30, so why not grab yourself a bargain and get the whole lot in one go for just £19.99, which is nearly a 30% discount!