Sociology of Education A-Level Teaching Resources

Resources designed for teachers teaching A-level sociology (AQA focus).

NB: these documents are for sale in PDF, but if you purchase and want the modifiable MS Word versions for non commercial purposes, please contact me on here with your email and I can forward you them for free, on a purely voluntary and completely non-profit basis.

This zip file contains four documents:

1.    Education topics summary grids – covering Perspectives, policies, class, gender and ethnicity (2 documents, one portrait, one landscape.
2.    Key concepts summary grids – covering 80 key concepts in total.
3.    Developing analysis stills in the sociology of education – 10 different ‘analysis tasks’.
4.    I’m also throwing in my scheme of work! In PDF.

These resources have been specifically designed to help students revise in-class for the AQA’s A level sociology paper 1 (7192/1). 

Sociology of Education Summary Grids Contents:

These contain blank and answer versions (in colour!) for the topics below:

1.    Sociological Perspectives on the roles and functions of education: short, standard and long versions
2.    Education policies: 1944 to 2010: short summary grid, 2 versions and standard versions
3.    Education policies: 1944 to 2010: standard summary grid
4.    Social class and educational achievement: home factors standard summary grid
5.    Gender and education: home and school factors summary grid: short
6.    Ethnicity and differential educational achievement: long summary grid
7.    Assess the Functionalist View of the Role of Education in Society (30): essay plan grid

These are perfect for reviewing topics either after students have just finished learning them, or as part of revision for the A-level exams.  

Sociology concepts contents:

This pack contains concept grids which can form the basis of various in-class activities.

1.    Gapped sheet of 80 concepts for students to fill in
2.    Answer sheet containing 80 definitions (answers)
3.    Concept grid containing 80 standard and shorter definitions
4.    Blown up key sentence ‘sentence sort’ for laminating and cutting (80 concepts)
5.    Long concept grid – concepts/ definitions/ examples/ linked studies/ linked concepts (20 concepts only).

Concepts are crucial in sociology!

Developing analysis stills in the sociology of education

1.    Sociology of Education concepts linking game grid
2.    Sociology concept of the day: Meritocracy
3.    Arguments and evidence for and Against the View that the British Education System is a Meritocracy
4.    Assess how subject choice and experience of schooling affect boys and girls
5.    Education Policies Timeline
6.    Analyse two ways in which gender-identity might affect the way students experience school in different ways.

The zip file contains enough material to easily keep students occupied (usefully!) for at least eight hours.