Theory and Methods Mind Maps for A Level Sociology

These mind maps have been designed to cover the theory part of the AQA sociology A-Level syllabus, the new 2015 Specification onwards.

This zip file contains 10 mind maps which summarise the following content:

  1. Positivism and Interpretivism
  2. Is Sociology a Science?
  3. Functionalism
  4. Marxism
  5. Feminism
  6. Social Action Theory
  7. Modernity and Postmodernity an Introduction
  8. Postmodernity and Postmodern Theory
  9. Sociology and Social Policy
  10. Sociology and Value Freedom
Worth noting about the ‘structure’ of this content:

I usually break this theory material down into 9 topics, but I’ve found it necessary to break the modernity/ postmodernity/ late modernity topic down into 2 separate mind maps, because it’s quite complex.
Topics 1, 2 and 3 overlap quite a lot – but I’ve kept them discrete because there are also subtle differences. Some teachers might lump all three together, which would make it simpler, but there’s a risk of oversimplifying if you do that, and to my mind it’s safest to treat them as separate topics.
This content is derived from the Theory part of the Theory and Methods AQA specification. For the research methods aspect of the syllabus, please see my ‘Research Methods Mind Maps Bundle’ (forthcoming) – also designed for A Level Sociology, AQA focus.
I have used a combination of the main A level text books to put these maps together (mainly Chapman et al, Sociology AQA A-Level, Year Two, published by Collins).


This zip file contains the mind maps in PDF format which is the best format for both printing and excellent for viewing on phones and tablets. 

How to use these mind maps

It is assumed that you have already worked through, or are currently working through the A level syllabus, with the assistance of text books and (ideally) a competent teacher.

The point of these maps is not to teach the content, they are revision-aids, which provide a quick visual-overview of the core content of the A level sociology specification.

Their main use will be to reinforce how all of the various bits of knowledge in the A level sociology syllabus fit together, and they should also help you to keep this information fresh in your mind in the build up to the exam.

I hope you find them useful.