Methods in Context Questions - How to Answer Them

The ‘Methods in Context question’ appears on papers 1 of both the AS and A Level exams, and will ask you to apply any of the main research method to any topic within education. This hand-out is written for students focussing on the A Level exam, but the advice should work just as well for anyone sitting the AS.

This brief hand-out covers the following processes of how to deal with Methods in Context (MIC) questions.
  1. It starts off by looking at an example of a methods in context question and a mark scheme and outlines what you need to do to get into the top three mark bands.
  2. It tells you how to plan methods in context essays, using the item!
  3. It tells you how to actually write methods in context essays – presenting a ‘safe’ strategy to get into at least mark band four (13-16)
  4. In total it provides three examples of how you might go about answering a three different MIC questions.