Sociological Perspectives on the Family Mind Maps

Mind maps are one of the most effective ways of revising and memorising content for exams. This is because the simple structure of the mind-map reflects the way your brain recalls information – from a central 'hub point' and then straight on to related points, rather than starting at the beginning and working all the way through until it finds what it's looking for.

The visual structure of a mind map also allows you to see how the topic/ sub topics fit together to make up the whole, helping to consolidateunderstanding of the course as a whole.

This zip file contains the following seven mind maps in both pdf and png format

1. Families and Households – An Overview
2. Sociological Perspectives on the Family – An Overview
3. The Functionalist Perspective on the Family
4. The Marxist Perspective on the Family
5. Feminist Perspectives on the Family
6. Post and Late Modern Perspectives on the Family
7. Post-modernity and the Family
8. The Personal Life Perspective on the Family