A Level Sociology Families and Households Revision Bundle

Families and Households for AS and A Level Sociology - Revision Bundle

This revision bundle is designed to help you revise for AQA A Level Sociology Paper 2: Topics in Sociology, focussing on the Families and Households option

This zip file contains:

1.   Families and households revision notes

34 pages cover the following topics:

·         Perspectives on the family (Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, the New Right, Post Modernism and The Personal Life Perspective

·         Changing patterns of marriage, cohabitation and divorce

·         Family diversity – reasons for the increase in family diversity and how and why families vary by class, sexuality, ethnicity

·         Power and equality in relationships – including the domestic division of labour

·         Childhood

·         Social policy and the family

·         Demography – birth rates, death rates, globalisation, migration and family life.

2.   Sociology of education mind maps

8 mind maps covering the following topics:

·         Families and Households – An Overview

·         Sociological Perspectives on the Family – An Overview

·         The Functionalist Perspective on the Family

·         The Marxist Perspective on the Family

·         Feminist Perspectives on the Family

·         Post and Late Modern Perspectives on the Family

·         Post-modernity and the Family

·         The Personal Life Perspective on the Family

3.   Families and households 10 mark practice questions

·         3 examples of 10 mark (no item) ‘outline and explain two things’ questions

4.   Families and households essay plans – including 9 examples of sociology of education essay templates and answers

The 9 essays covered are:

·         Assess the view that the modern nuclear family is the most effective type of family unit in which to socialise children and stabilise adult personalities (20)

·         Assess the view that the main aim of the of the family is to serve the needs of capitalism (20)

·         Assess the Feminist view of family life and relationships (20)

·         Assess Sociological explanations for changes in the patterns of marriage and cohabitation (20)

·         Assess the view that relationships in Britain are characterised by Symmetry (20)

·         Assess the view that the family has become more child-centred (20)

·         Assess the view that the ‘childhood is disappearing’ (20)

·         Assess the view that  government policies and laws have led to an increase in family diversity (20)

·         Assess the reasons for changes in the birth rate and family size (20)

NB - these essays do not address ‘the item‘ – in the actual exam, you will have to explicitly address a relatively short (typically 3-4 line item). This is a relatively easy thing to do and shouldn’t detract from the utility of these plans – the item will simply contain a brief reference to one or two things relevant to the question, and an evaluation point. It’s assumed here that whatever is in the item is in the essay somewhere, so all you would need to do to make this an item based essay is add in 'as mentioned in item A‘ at the relevant point.