Imprint Release and Clearing Guided Meditation

Run times:
Imprint Release and Clearing Guided Meditation 42:53
Imprint Release and Clearing.1 Guided Meditation 42:51 
*Track .1 has no background music/sound added to it*

As we go through life, we leave energetic imprints in our, and the earth's   energy fields. These imprints can hold us back and down from what we truly want in our life.  Allow all of those in the purest of love and light to help you cleanse, heal and release these old outdated imprints allowing you to move forward and live the life you desire.. 

Channeled message: We will be working on many things during this meditation, some will be said by this channel (Renae') and many will not be spoken as there are no human words that can explain all we will be doing. We come in love and light and will only do all that is in your highest and best good and all your Higher Self approves of.  This channel brings forth the Council that governs not only energetic laws, but all that is. This insures all is in your highest and best good and in only that of pure love and light.  Although it is not necessary - if you so choose, you may set an intention (either out loud or to yourself , before starting this channeled meditation, as to anything specific you would like help with on the human realm to ease your human mind and know we will be helping you with that. 

All meditations are channeled and we only allow in those healers that are the purest of love and light and in your highest and best good.

You do not have to sit in a particular position when doing any of these meditations and you can play them when you go to bed at night.

You may experience crazy weird dreams which is you clearing out old limitations, fears, etc.

Please never listen to any meditation while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.