HARDSTYLE Elements BiG Bundle

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HARDSTYLE Elements 1 https://sellfy.com/redpillz/p/45wo/
HARDSTYLE Elements 2 https://sellfy.com/redpillz/p/4DRG/
HARDSTYLE Elements 3 https://sellfy.com/redpillz/p/mnTh/
RAW Hardstyle Elements 1 https://sellfy.com/redpillz/p/1XGN/
HARDSTYLE Elements Euphoria https://sellfy.com/redpillz/p/z4ct/
HARDSTYLE Kick Elements 1 https://sellfy.com/redpillz/p/hardstyle-kick-elements-1-for-ableton-live-10/
HARDSTYLE Elements Euphoria Leads https://sellfy.com/redpillz/p/hardstyle-elements-euphoria-leads-for-ableton-live-10/

- HARDSTYLE Elements Bundle Info-

5 Hardstyle Projects for Ableton Live
Hardstyle Kick projects for Ableton Live & Logic Pro X
Tutorial HS Punch Project for Ableton Live
+BONUS included
Mixdown Videos
PDF Files

To run these projects you need:

Ableton Live version 9.1.1 and above
Lennardigital Sylenth 1 (version 2.2.1 required)
All Presets can be found in Preset folder.
+Please Read Info file inside each project for instructions.

- HARDSTYLE Elements Euphoria Info -

4 Hardstyle Kicks
+6 Inspiration Demos
Spire Presets
Sylenth.1 Presets
Dune 2 Preset
Ready to play Sampled Instruments, if you dont have VST plugins.
MIDI Files inside project
Frequently asked questions Q&A in pdf and ebook format. +44 Questions Answered.

To run this template properly you need:
Ableton Live 9.5 and above

3rd party Plugins:

Sylenth.1 2.2 and above version
Spire 1.1.2 and above version
Dune2 2.07 and above version
Kontakt 5 latest version (not necessary) Inside Sounds & Presets Folder you can find key named samples for the kick.
FabFilter Pro-Q (not necessary)

If you don’t have any above plugins, you can still use the sounds. All Sounds & Instruments are included inside Sounds & Presets Folder. All the Projects are Windows and Mac Compatible.


9 Projects with total 200 templates
To run these Templates properly you need
Ableton Live 10.1 and above
Microtonic by Sonic Charge
Kick 2 by Sonic Academy
Sylenth.1 by Lennar Digital
btw if you dont have above VSTis, most samples are included.

Effects are the most important
Trash2 by iZotope
Misstortion 1 & 2 by Nible Tools
V-Clip by Venn Audio
Inflator by Sonnox Oxford
Pro-Q 3 by FabFilter
ShaperBox by Cable Guys

- HARDSTYLE Elements Euphoria Leads for Ableton Live 10 -

- 24 Sampler Instruments
- Demo Template
no VSTi required

You can resave the instrument as .adv file to custom location by drag & drop. The whole template uses roughly the same amount of CPU as one instance of Operator. Not Bad :)

Ableton Live 10.1 and above required

*Optional Plugins*

Valhalla Room - ValhallaDSP

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