RAW Hardstyle Elements for Ableton Live

RAW Hardstyle Elements for Ableton Live

To run this project properly you need:

- Ableton Live version 9.1.1 and above
- Lennardigital Sylenth 1 (version 2.2 required)

I have also used 3rd party effects (they are not required, the project will open normally)

- Lexicon Hall Reverb– Reverb
- FabFilter Pro Q equalizer
- FabFilter Pro L limiter
- S(M)exoscope by Smartelectronix Its free this is waveform analyzer
- TT Dynamic Range Meter Its free, I highly recommend you to run
your favorite tracks through it, and check dynamic range.

All Presets can be found in Preset folder.
+BONUS FX KICK & BASIC RAWKICK design, plugins used:
- CamelPhat3
- Ohmicide
- FabFilter Pro-Q

As you hear some elements are from HSE3
Have Fun!

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