Ableton Live Template DNB Elements 2 by Redpillz Audio To run this project properly: Ableton Live version 8.4 and above NI Massive 1.3.0 and above Sylenth.1 ver.2.2 and above All Presets can be find in Preset folder. Mixdown is done in the box. (No 3rd Party Effects required) (Optional) Mixdown with 3rd party plugins: - FabFilter Pro Q equalizer - FabFilter Pro L limiter - S(M)exoscope by Smartelectronix - its free - TT Dynamic Range Meter - its free, I highly recommend to run your favorite tracks trough it, and check dynamic range. - iZotope Alloy 2 for drums File size: 25.1 MB Follow Redpillz Audio for the latest news, giveaways and special offers: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:!/RedpillzSounds