Rhythm in Code
Two Celebration Songs
Just Move
Song of Angels SSA
Song of Angels SATB
Power of the Lord
Power of the Lord (solo)
Ting and Tang
Talk to the Paw
Tail Tales
My Celeste
Musical Memories
Moover Groover
Le Soir de ma Vie
Jimbonathan Jinks
Jazzy Jaws
Cat Flap
Ship Shape
Open a Book
Wake Up and Shake Up
Key to the World
Spinning round the Sun
Packed Lunch Peril
Friend you Cannot See
At the End of the Day
What have the Romans done for Us?
Viking Warrior
Song of Sirens
Power in Me
Last Kiss Goodbye
Chop and Change
Be Amazing
All that Glitters
A Little can Change our World
Being Eight




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