VIDEO - Christmas braid
VIDEO - Another Julia 2
VIDEO - Abundance of hair
PHONE VIDEO - Romanian Rapunzel Lidia
VIDEO - Blonde Rapunzel hair in the street
VIDEO - Unbelievably long hair
VIDEO - Elegant Diana's high ponytail
VIDEO - The girl with super thick, very long hair
VIDEO - Diana's hair swinging and swaying
VIDEO - Floor length brunette hair
VIDEO - Elegant Diana's hair play
VIDEO - Beautiful Rapunzel in Dubai
VIDEO - Diana's hair play and hair brushing
VIDEO - In front of her face 12
VIDEO - Beautiful Pamela's brunette mane
VIDEO - Long hair picnic 2
VIDEO - Nour
VIDEO - Pigtails and bun
VIDEO - Rin's face covering
VIDEO - Twin curls
PHONE VIDEO - Lidia Roman
VIDEO - The girl with the huge buns
VIDEO - Thick, curly hair
VIDEO - Extremely beautiful
VIDEO - Alena, the perfect Rapunzel
VIDEO - Smooth and silky
VIDEO - Another Mila
VIDEO - Extreme buns means extreme hair
VIDEO - Hair smelling and hair play
VIDEO - Lorena
VIDEO - Long hair brushing in front of her face
VIDEO - Anna
VIDEO - Her hair is getting so long!
VIDEO - Extreme floor length hair play with friend
VIDEO - Rin's extreme hair length and special hair show
VIDEO - Insanely long blonde hair
VIDEO - Pattaya Beach Rapunzel
VIDEO - Extreme blonde length
VIDEO - 200 cm. of hair to handle
VIDEO - Alina's floor show
VIDEO - Unique floor length hair
VIDEO - Floor length newly washed hair
VIDEO - Extreme hair length floor show
VIDEO - Rapunzel's bathtub
VIDEO - Extremely long hair on the table
VIDEO - In front of her face 11
VIDEO - Thick blonde locks
VIDEO - Julia's outdoor hair play
VIDEO - Business woman with floor length blonde hair
VIDEO - Another Julia
VIDEO - Perfect brunette hair show
VIDEO - Inside Rapunzel's castle
VIDEO - Healthy, luxurious hair

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