VIDEO - Top quality hair 3 - Fitness Rapunzel

Over 4 minute preview video:

WOW! This is the biggest and the best video we have made yet so far!

She is a brand new RealRapunzels model, and her hair is outstanding!
When we saw her hair, we knew that she just had to become our model, and we love working with her!
She is well known for being a fitness person with very long hair, and she calls her self the "Fitness Rapunzel", therefore the title. Her hair and the video quality absolutely also qualifies as "Top quality hair", therefore that is also a part of the title.
This is an extraordinary video that is similar to our previous "Top quality hair" videos, the only thing different is the hair length.

Her hair really turns heads when she walks by, and you can clearly see why!
Her hair is supershiny, silky, thick, perfect all te way down to the ends, and very long! Her hair is lower knee length/upper calf length to be excact!
Maintaining hair at this length can be hard sometimes, and hair with this length and quality is extremely rare, making this a very unique sight and a very unique video to watch!

Like the other videos in the "Top quality hair" series, the video is longer than normal, and includes multiple scenes. 
This video has the most scenes of all the videos we have, with 9 SCENES!
This video also includes a 50 second mobile phone camera video of a huge bundrop.
The video has so much variation and scenes that we had to put all the pictures from the video together in pictureframes, containing 4 and 5 pictures each.

In this video, her first video for RealRapunzels, she starts by showing of a huge blonde bun which she uses a lot of time to display from all angles so you can see it´s shine and size, before she does a very slow bundrop, showing all her heavy silky hair falling, all the way to her upper calfs. 
Then she does some hairdancing/hairswaying and some hairplay, followed by a lot of haircombing with her own fingers in the next scene. This scene really shows you how incredibly silky and well maintained her hair is!

In the next scene, she brings in a friend, who also has long hair, to her thighs!
Then, as she stands there with a huge golden hairbun, she starts to make a bun with her girlfriends hair.
You can guess what comes after that...
Bundrop of course! They both drop their buns at the same time, followed by them braiding their hair together into a mixture of long dark and blonde hair, and the braid naturally becomes very, very thick.

Then it is time for some haircombing. She combs her hair from the front, from the back and from the sides, having her hair 100% perfectly parted when she combs her hair in the front! This really looks so clean, silky and elegant!

Ready for some windy hair play? In the next scene, she lets down her long hair from the huge bun, playing a lot with her hair, and letting the wind also playing with her hair, her hair is everywhere!

In the following scene where she stands on a sidewalk, we thought to ourself; What if other people will see her and her hair? Will they lose their breath? The answer is obviously yes, because in this scene, you can really come up close and take a look at how very, very long it really is!
She makes a perfect superlong, thick, silky and tight french braid, perfect for excercising when you have very long hair!
She makes a braided bun, and undoes both the bun and the braid, letting all her hair free.

The next scene features a great half updo! She twirls her superlong hair into a thick coil before making a bun, with a lot of hair coming out of the bun in a ponytail. The remaining length after the bun is classic length!

These scenes are really great, featuring a beautiful park with some beautiful water, but it is hard to notice that, because you will only be looking at the hair.
In this scene, you will see the half bun - half ponytail hairdo, a high ponytail and some windy long hair play again, in a different way.
The way her hair moves in the wind is something you really want to see, it is one of natures wonders, it is an amazing sight!

The last scene is a bonus footage, a mobile phone video, of a huge bundrop and long hair play. 

This incredible video is over over 16 minutes + bonus video, in length and is a must have video!
This video also includes some calming and relaxing beautiful music that fits well to the video.

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