VIDEO - The ultimate ponytails


Vera is one of our premium models, and she is the favorite model of many of our supporters.
She has very healthy, shiny and silky straight blond hair which is 100% perfect.
She has come a very long way when it comes to long hair modeling, and it is very easy to see her fantastic good skills in our videos with her.
This video is no exception and she does amazing long hair play and display as well as great hairstyles as usual.

She starts off bry showcasing the length and natural beauty of her long hair before she brushes it, which makes it perfectly straight and silky, so that she can make some great ponytails, pigtails and more.

She makes a high ponytail, does a lot of hair play with it, parts her hair into two pieces and makes low pigtails continued by some more hair brushing, running her fingers through it and hair play before making a low ponytail.
That's only the beginning, and you just have to see it for yourself, because this video can not be described in words.

Just like Vera, this video is top-notch.

This video is also very long, and you get a lot of value for a very small amount of money!

This video is over 23 minutes in length!
Publication date: 8. October 2018

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