VIDEO - Heavenly, silky hair


If you're one of those who has a picky taste when it comes to long hair, and it's only good enough if it's super long, perfectly trimmed and healthy, thick and super shiny and silky, then this video will suit you perfectly.

It's no other model than Alina which is featured in this video, and our newest Alina has some seriously amazing hair which very few women in the world can compete with.
Her hair is very long, and when she is sitting in a chair, her hair touches the floor.
Her hair is in perfect condition and she is a very beautiful and young woman.

Her taste for long hair is also something you're going to love.
When someone asked her "Wow long will you grow your hair? What's your goal length?", she simply replied "I don't have any limits at all".
You know what that means right?
She won't let her hair grow to floor length and stop there.
She will let her hair grow as long as possible as long as it's healthy, which means that floor length is just a length she has to pass while growing her hair far beyond floor length.
We can't wait until she's at floor length, and it will be amazing when she reaches great er lengths as well!

Her buns are huge, ponytails are massive and thick braids are extremely long, however she does not think her buns are big enough, at all. 
Her ponytails as they are now are small compared to how she wants them to be, and her braids are small, short braids compared to her future braids.
What an amazing woman!

This is an extra long video, so you're guaranteed to get tons of hair play and display to watch here!
Her perfect hair is brushed perfectly before doing a lot of different hair play and display, buns and bundrops, ponytails, braiding and undoing of the braids, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair lifting and dropping, running her fingers through her long hair, long hair covering and much more!

If you are a fan of great hair, get this one now!

This video is over 23 minutes in length!
Publication date: 26. March 2020

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