VIDEO - Suzana & Sladjana - Fun with braids


Suzana and Sladjana, some of the most professional long hair models in the world, are back with a new video, a braiding video!
Who doesn´t love a long, thick braid?
Suzana and Sladjana are making beatiful, long and thick braids in this video, and you can really see that Sladjana is amazed over how wonderful Suzana´s hair is!

In this video, you will see Suzana playing with and pampering with Sladjana´s hair, Sladjana playing with and pampering with Suzana´s hair, she is brushing Suzana´s hair, she braids her hair, undoes it, and Suzana also plays with her own her, and she herself is also amazed over how unbeliveably amazing her hair has gotten, and it grows so fast!

Suzana loves to see how thick a ponytail can get if you put multiple girls´hair together, so in this video, she takes both her own thick and and Sladjana´s thick hair into a ponytail, and the thickness is extreme! This is so amazing to watch!
In the end of the video, they make "beard braids".

This video is over 11 minutes in length.

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