VIDEO - Knee length hair play in bed


One of our fantastic models has now finally reached knee length and her hair is still unbelievably healthy, thick and silky.
Her hair has a perfect blonde color, and she truly is 100% identical to Rapunzel herself!

In this great video, she is brushing her head while sitting on the egde of the bed so her hair falls down on the side of the bed, for you to watch.
She plays with it, glide her fingers through it, strokes it over her arm to show the silkiness of her hair, some more amazing brushing to make sure her hair stays perfectly straight and silky!
In the last part of the video, she lays down and has all of her hair back behind the bed, and it is so long that her hair is piling up on the floor, and watching hair play in that way is very beautiful!
This video is a very beautiful video, a very calming video with beautiful hair, and a beautiful room with a beautiful bed and amazing interior. 

This video is over 11 minutes in length.

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