VIDEO - Long, blonde, silky wash


Now for something we haven´t done in a while, a long hair washing video!
She is one of our best models, and she has thigh length, soon knee length blonde, thick, amazing hair!
Watching this hair get wet and heavy, ready for shampoo and rinsing is great to watch!

In this long hair washing/shampoo video you will see a bun-loosening, hair soaking, hair shampooing, scalp massage while applying shampoo.
Then after she shampooes it, she puts all her hair in a big towel, and gets ready for some wet, long hair play to both show her hair and to dry it.
She sits down in her beautiful transparent chair with her hair reaching way beyond the chair, and then she starts tu brush it with a pink brush. After brushing it silky smooth, she shakes it, and swings it in perfect motions to make it dry more quickly. 
This video features great hairplay with medium to very wet hair, so if you think wet hair is amazing, this video is one you got to have!

This video is over 12 minutes in length.

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