VIDEO - Super hair play on table


Alena´s hair is what you can call super hair.
She has super long, super thick and very heavy floor length hair.
Her mane is bigger than herself, so yes, she has a massive, brunette mane which can cover everything, such as a table, chair or even a person.
This is a fun, beautiul and special thing to do, and long hair models does so, to show the length, quality, texture and thickness of the hair.

Alena´s hair looks so massively and so heavy that it can almost "break the table".

The table is not very small, it is a normal 2-3 person table, but compared to her hair, the table is almost invisible!
She is a star in the long hair community, being the most sought after, the most popular and one of the biggest long hair models in the world, because of her amazing hair, and natural beauty.
Whatever she does, it´s super easy to see that she is truly a real life Rapunzel.
When she makes buns, they become huge, easy for every normal person on the street to see. When she makes ponytails, they are almost touching the floor.
Her braids are massive, and super long, and when her hair is loose, all we can say is: WOW!

This video is a special, one-of-a-kind video which you will only get here at RealRapunzels.
We know what our customers love, what type of hair they love and what type of hair play they love.
This is a video that will be great for everyone that likes/loves long/very long hair, and especially for the ones who is a fan of Alena, in other words; A LOT of people!

She is stroking her hair over the table, from side to side, back and forth, tossing it on the table, draping the table completely in ahir, hiding it with her brunette locks, and doing it in so many other ways.
Her hair is looe in the entire video, and she is very creative in which ways she plays with her hair and how she covers the table.
Alena has been with us in a lot of videos now, and she is getting very experienced, which is not very hard to see in this fantastic video.

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This video is 11 minutes in length.

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