VIDEO - Rin by the tree


Rin is an outstanding model with extremely long hair.
She has ankle length black hair which is not only long, but very healthy and well taken care of.

Very long hair is such an amazing natural beauty, which is a gift from nature, and Rin is a perfect example of this, as she is showing off her wonderful locks, inspiring and motivating a lot of other girls and women to grow their hair very long.

In this video, she is outside, standing by a big tree, swinging her heavy, super long double braids from side to side before taking them out so that she can do a lot of great long hair play and display with her loose hair.
Long hair lifting and dropping, running her fingers through her long hair, buns and bundrops, swinging and swaying and long hair posing is some of the things you're going to see in this video.

This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 20. July 2019

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