VIDEO - World's longest braid


When we're naming the title of a video "World's longest braid", you know that you're about to see some serious hair!
In this video, you will see no one else than the biggest long hair celebrity of them all, Aliia!

Aliia is a true star, a Real-Life Rapunzel and a wonderful long hair lady with EXTREME hair!
She is very well known both within the long hair world and outside the long hair world, and her hair is MUCH longer than floor length!

She is a very big inspiration, and she is inspiring millions of other women to grow their hair very long.

This video starts out with her sitting in a chair, and her hair in a BIG braided bun.
The bun is so big that everyone can immediately see that her braid is extremely, unbelievably long!

Her super heavy braided bun, which weighs several kilograms just begs to be released and when she releases the bun, her braid falls so quickly down to the floor that not even a slow motion camera would be able to capture it.
Why does her braid fall so quickly to the floor when releasing it from the braided bun? Because it's so thick, long and heavy.
Her braid is so long that it's knee length when she folds it. Just think about that.

Also, let's not forget her hair thickness. Her hair is approximately as thick as Mila's. Can you even imagine how much hair this is?

Please note that this is a braid-video, so there's not a lot of loose hair play in this video, but if you like braid's, this is a must-have video for you!
However, we want to let you know that even if braids are not your favorite hairstyles, Aliia's hair is so long, thick and special, that this video is simply a must-have anyways!

She then continues by undoing her braid, which takes a looong time since it's so many braid bumps due to her intense hair length.
When all her hair is loose, her hair covers her completely for a short while, makes a pool of hair on the floor and goes even further. Yes, this length is extreme, and we LOVE it so much!
Towards the ending of the video, she starts by putting a hair mask in her hair. Remember that with over 250 cm. of super thick and heavy hair, hair care is extremely important!

You have most likely seen a hair mask before, they can be found in small jars, but not Aliia's hair mask. She has such long, thick and much hair that her hair mask is in a bucket. Yes, a BUCKET!

After putting the hair mask in all of her hair, she puts her hair in a giant bun to protect it. The bun is as big as her head, and weighs approximately the same as two big soda bottles.

Aliia's hair is 3 times as long as what many people calls very long hair, yes 3 times as long, and 4 times as thick as what many people call thick hair, so she is without a doubt one of the best long hair models in the world.

Her hair is so long that she actually has to wrap the braid around her body to be able to brush the ends of her hair in this video. When you can wrap your hair around your neck, it's long and when you can do it twice or more times, it's VERY long, however Aliia doesn't wrap it around her neck, but around her body! That requires SUPER SUPER long hair!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, braided bun and bundrop, braid play and display, braid sliding and stroking, braid whipping, braid swinging and swaying, special braided hairstyles, braided crown, long hair covering and much more!

This video is over 17 minutes in length!
Publication date: 10. October 2020

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