VIDEO - Theresa preparing Victoria's hair


Look at all that LONG, silky hair! It's so gorgeous, healthy, silky, shiny and perfect in every way!

Victoria and Theresa are two amazing women with very long blonde hair which suits them perfectly.
They both love long hair, and Victoria's hair is extra long, and very inspiring! Theresa loves Victoria's hair, and it's always so great to be working with them, since they are such fantastic people!

In a black sofa, perfect for long hair brushing and hair play, you will see Theresa preparing Victoria's hair for the video- and photoshooting day. 
Her hair has to be perfectly straight and super shiny, and Theresa makes sure that it's just like that!

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, long hair covering and more!

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This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 10. October 2020

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