VIDEO - The office woman with super long hair


Alena is sitting in her office with her hair in a half up-half down bun.
Most of her hair is in her huge bun, and the rest of her hair which comes out of the bun reaches classic length.

A person comes in so that they can discuss their work, and talk about some products.
When the person comes in, she immediately gets shocked when she sees how huge Alena's bun is and she instantly understands that her hair is VERY long.

This results in the meeting being MUCH more long hair related and hair play related than work-related.
She sits and stares at Alena's bun until she lets it loose, and after that, they are doing great long hair play and display.

You will also see long hair covering, running their fingers through her long hair, bun and bundrop, long hair posing and much more!

This video is over 13 minutes in length.
Publication date: 23. June 2020

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