VIDEO - The hair place



It's no wonder why this place is called "The hair place".

It's a beautiful place with a big, beautiful house and luxurious cars.

It's who lives here which is very exciting, because she is a famous person, known for her super long hair. Her hair is blonde, thick, very healthy and known to be some of the softest hair in the world.


Her hair weighs a lot, and you will definitely feel it in your shoulders after lifting her hair for some minutes.

It's Alena, one of our amazing models.

We love working with her and we have had the honor to work with her for several years already!


When you're around her, get used to see unbelievably huge buns, massive ponytails, crazy long and heavy braids and a massive blonde mane that's longer than most people are tall.

Her hair is so long that you won't believe it before you see it!

She for sure has a lot of neck muscles to be able to carry all that hair!


She loves her floor length hair and she really is an expert in showing it off, making you drop your jaw to the floor when seeing her hair and hair play!


In this video, you will see long hair play and display, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, long hair covering, long hair sliding and stroking, long hair parting, bun and bundrop and much more!


This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 25. January 2021

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