VIDEO - So much hair to brush

Here in RealRapunzels, we care deeply for the models' hair and it's very important to us that their hair is perfect before shoots, so that every video and photoshoot will be perfect.
The hair has to be 100% on point, and to make the hair as soft as possible, and as healthy as possible, we use high quality hair oils, brushes etc.

This video is shot before the main videoshoot and photoshoot with Siri, and shows you the brushing that we had to do before the shoot.
It's without a doubt a LOT of hair to brush, but it's always a great time, since Siri's hair is healthy, thick and it has a great length as well.
It's very inspiring to brush her hair and to work with her, and she shows that you can grow very long hair with patience, and that the result can be stunning.

In this video, she is not brushing her hair herself, but having her hair brushed by a member of the RealRapunzls crew for that shoot.

In this video, you will see long hair brushing, bun and bundrop, making waves (movement), long hair swinging and swaying, running fingers through her long hair and much more!

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This video is over 17 minutes in length!
Publication date: 29. September 2020

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