VIDEO - Rin's unique elegance

Rin has extremely long black hair which is very healthy, heavy and thick.
She loves doing long hair play and display and she is a great long hair model with a lot of experience.
She has high skills when it comes to modeling in geneeral, long hair modeling and long hair in general, which is why she has managed to grow her hair to floor length.

This video is very long, and packed with a lot of long hair action and long hair play, and as you know, Rin is very well at doing this.
You don't want to miss it, and some of the things you will see are long hair play and display, long hair lifiting and dropping, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, long hair covering, long hair sliding and stroking, ponytails and bundrops.

This video is over 30 minutes in length!
Publication date: 7. July 2020

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