VIDEO - Olesya


Having very long hair is such a great feeling, and it can be so much fun!
Olesya really knows how it feels and how it is to have such hair!
She is one of our brand new models, and her hair is beyond amazing!

With her super silky, extremely soft and very long, special hair, it's 100% sure that you will lose your mind, drop your jaw, and stare at her hair in amazement!

She has serious hair, which is seriously shiny, and she knows it!

One of the many great things about having approximately 200 long hair models, is that we can sit for hours and hours and talk about the thing that inspires us the most and that is the most interesting thing in the world (in our opinion), which is LONG HAIR!
Like with all our models, we love talking with Olesya about long hair, extreme hair lengths, long hairstyles, big buns, how heavy it is, thickness and also watching long hair content together.
When we were talking with Olesya about very long hair and how long hair she's got, she quickly replied; "Yes, my hair is long, but I will of course continue to grow it much longer".
WOW, just WOW! "Much longer", you know what that means, right?
At least knee length for sure, maybe floor length?
Her hair definitely has the right potential and also thickness to grow much longer, and as she is a long hair lover just like us, her hair will of course grow longer, and longer and longer.
We're truly living in a dream!

From silky bundrop, to great long hair shows that will blow your mind away, this video is sure to impress you!

Please note that this video is a test video which was shot with a very simple camera at the current shooting location. Therefore, the quality of this video is not very high, and the camera had some autofocusing problems.
That's why this video, which would originally be priced at $15, is priced at only $5
The great news is that the shooting location where Olesya is being filmed now has a better and newer camera with better quality and no autofocusing problems, as this was bought right after this video was made.

We can also promise you one thing! Many more Olesya videos is sure to come, and you will LOVE it! Maybe she will be many people's new favorite model, or one of their favorite models.

We surely have a LOT of outstanding models, and we're happy to welcome Olesya to the RealRapunzels team and family!

This video is over 17 minutes in length!
Publication date: 6. September 2020

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