VIDEO - Long hair wraps


Floor length hair, what can be better?
Alena has wonderful brown floor length hair which is thick, healthy and heavy.
She has been our model for a long time, and she loves being a RealRapunzels model.

She is one of the most well known models in the long hair word due to her extremely long hair which is ultra beautiful, and we are very proud to be working with her!

In this video, you will see her wrapping her long hair around some pvc pipes to show you how long it is and how many times she can wrap it.
You will also see long hair play and display, long hair swinging and swaying, running her fingers through her long hair and more. This is truly creative hair play, and with both us and her being creative, the result is always great!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 14. May 2020

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