VIDEO - Long hair in front of the mirror



Genevieve is a very beautiful long hair lady with serious hair thickness and an amazing hair length. She has grown her hair over a long period of time due to her big interest and genuine love for long hair.

It's not hard to see that her hair is very heavy and it requires some muscles to lift that hair again and again and again, however she's doing it all to show you how stunningly beautiful her super long hair is, and she is doing a great job!


You get to see her great hair play and display from two angles since she is standing in front of a mirror, and it's so beautiful!


This video is dedicated to showing a lot of long hair brushing, so if you love seeing very thick and long hair getting brushed, this video is the perfect one for you!


In this video, you will see long hair play and display, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, long hair covering, long hair posing, long hair brushing and much more!


This video is over 10 minutes in length.
Publication date: 9. February 2021

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