VIDEO - Long hair by the ocean



Agnieszka is an extremely beautiful young lady with what you definitely can call very long hair.

Although her hair is very long, she doesn't think it's long enough as she is a very serious long hair lover.

In our interview with us, she said she wants to grow her hair to ankle length or maybe even longer. In other words, she is most likely one of the amazing future floor length hair real-life Rapunzels!


With big buns, heavy ponytails and a super soft mane, Agnieszka makes everyone that walks by her turn their head, staring at her hair in awe.


This beautiful video is shot by the ocean, and she's walking at the beach, having the wind playing with her hair, blowing it from side to side as she walks there. There's a lot of hair blowing in the wind there for sure, and you will love it!


In this video, you will see long hair play and display, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, windy hair play and display, braiding and undoing of a braid, long hair walking and much more!


This video is over 12 minutes in length.
Publication date: 9. February 2021

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