VIDEO - Long bun



There are many people with bra-strap length hair, and it's considered a medium-long hair length.

In other words, you have most likely seen bra-strap length hair since it's so normal, but what about a bra-strap length BUN?

Well, Rin has that, and the best part is when she drops that LONG bun to reveal her super LONG hair!


So heavy, so thick and SO LONG!

She loves her hair and we do too!

When she makes a cinnamon bun, the bun is so long that it reaches her bra-strap! That's a crazy long bun, and it's wild to think about that her bun is longer than many people's hair!


From crazy long buns to amazing floor length hair play, this video has it!


Rin's hair is actually a bit longer than floor length now.

Why? So that her hair can reach the floor when she's wearing high heels of course.. No, we're just kidding, her hair goal is to have much longer hair than that. She wants to have such long hair that it makes a big pool of silky hair on the floor when she's wearing high heels. 

How long will it grow? 2.5 meters like Aliia's? 3 meters? Longer?

Rin hopes for even longer, and it's exciting to see how long it will grow.

She is definitely one of the biggest long hair lovers in the world, and you will love to see her almost 200cm. long hair in action!


This video is over 15 minutes in length!
This video includes its original recorded sound.
Publication date: 18. February 2021

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