VIDEO - Floor length hair and roses



Are you ready to watch a LOT of hair? Floor length hair? Super thick and super long hair?

This video is really all about hair, hair and more hair, and we really mean a LOT of hair!

Lidia has hair that is a bit longer than floor length, and length is now the only factor here. Her hair is incredibly massive, thick and heavy and it's very soft as well!

She has perfectly healthy hair and she loves showing it off, inspiring millions of people to grow hair like hers!


She is a big long hair lover / enthusiast and she loves being a RealRapunzels model, which gives her the opportunity to show her beautiful hair to the whole world.


She is very beautiful and so is her hair, and if you love long hair, there's no question about it, you need this video!


This video is over 11 minutes in length.
This video includes its original sound.
Publication date: 17. March 2021

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